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  • Digital and Connected Banking
  • Digital Transformation
  • Modern Technology
  • Next-Gen Data Services
  • Risk, Compliance and Regulation
  • Core Transformation and Migration

KPMG supports a range of client needs including integration, innovation and risk mitigation.

KPMG LLP (KPMG) and Finxact’s relationship leverages the best of both teams, as one of the first alliance partners to get Finxact’s platform deployed in the market.

Finxact leverages the KPMG specialist practice for banking and payments as a leading SI team for integrations. The alliance brings KPMG technology acceleration and client-led solutioning to Finxact SI programs and projects. In addition to the specialist support, KPMG brings risk and regulation experience to the Finxact projects, along with innovation capabilities provided from KPMG technology and Lighthouse Center of Excellence for Data, Analytics and AI teams.

Throughout its 125+ year history, KPMG has worked on some of the most complex problems and solutions impacting financial history, including activities such as lend-lease acts post global wars, financial claims in geopolitical scenarios and even supporting certification to aid economic and commerce stability.

KPMG has received awards as a leader in diversity within its workforce and has consistently been recognized as a top place to work. The KPMG team members work jointly with financial services clients and Finxact to drive successful outcomes for their clients.

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